DR. DUST: Dust Collection System Evaluation

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What We Can Solve!

Aerodyne offers a Dust Collector System Evaluation for customers who are having issues with their dust collection system.  Whether the issue is:

  • Low removal efficiency
  • High filter replacement
  • Low dust pickup at pickup hoods

What We Can Evaluate!

Aerodyne personnel can evaluate your system

  • Measure and evaluate hood pickup velocities.
  • Calculate airflow and velocities in the ductwork.
  • Calculate total required static pressure through the system.
  • Review dust collector based on size, type, condition and application.
  • Review exhaust fan

What We Can Suggest As Solutions!

Aerodyne will then provide a report of the system.  The report will make recommendations for the system to operate better.  Included will be suggestions / quotes such as:

  • Operational and/or maintenance suggestions
  • Cost benefit analysis of changes suggested (if possible)
  • Cyclone pre-filters
  • New fan or modifications to the fan
  • Replacement filters or filter changes
  • Changes in ductwork
  • Modification, changes or replacement of dust collector / wet scrubber
  • Particle size analysis and/or Explosion testing w/sample

Ask Dr. Dust For An Evaluation Cost!

A portion of the cost of the evaluation, will be credited to the purchase of new equipment and/or parts.